About Us

Arphax Publishing Co. has been delivering quality historical and genealogical reference books to a wide community since 2005. Arphax, for the most part, represents the joint efforts of husband and wife team, Greg and Vicki Boyd.

Arphax has been recognized as a leader in the field, and over the years, has been represented at dozens, if not hundreds, of genealogical and historical conferences around the country.

Greg Boyd, besides being an attorney and software/systems designer has done extensive family research since 1997. He gravitated to this field when he began learning how his family was involved in various historical events (see information about his ancestor, Arphax Dawson at the link below). Vicki is a gifted map and book-editor and manages most aspects of the business, leaving Greg free to create new content for Arphax's growing body of individual and institutional customers (including Arphax's award-winning subscription service, HistoryGeo.com).

Over the years, Arphax's support cast has included friends, college students, and other family members and gifted individuals. Special thanks are in order to Jordan Boyd for lending his extraordinary design and programming skills, to Don and Nancy Kinard for their huge support in our early years, and to Amy Boyd, Deb Hodges, Steve Jordan, and Levi Lee for their efforts and hard work at various times in our history.



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