Terms and Conditions

Our consistent 5-Star and 100% customer ratings with Ebay and Amazon are a testimony to how seriously we take customer service. You can be assured that the utmost of care will be taken to fill and ship your order in a secure and timely fashion.

Our books are for historical reference. They do not contain narratives or stories relating to the counties or areas of focus for any individual title. However, in many cases, a customer may glance at a single map and solve mysteries which have evaded researchers for generations. For those reasons and others, all sales are final. If, however, any product is defective in manufacture, it will be replaced at no expense to the Customer (exclusive of shipping costs if non-standard shipping methods are employed).

Arphax uses only primary shippers (USPS, for instance). Orders which are damaged, lost, or stolen while in transit to Customer are the responsibility of the shipper, however, when Arphax, in its sole judgment, concludes that the Customer is in no way at fault, and the Shipper will not make good on a claim for loss in a timely fashion (in Arphax's discretion), Arphax has and will likely continue to choose to re-ship replacement products. Arphax may require customer to return damaged goods.

Typical shipping times:

In most instances, book are shipped according to the following timetable measuring time from payment received until product leaves us (or our partners):

  1. Spiral-bound books: within 7 days.
  2. Paperback books: within 7 days.
  3. Hardbound books: within 3-4 weeks; in a minority of cases (stock permitting), they can be shipped within 2 days.

International Shipments:

Orders on this website requesting shipment to destinations outside the United States can only be finalized after one of the two following occurs:

  1. Actual rates charged by available shippers are found to not exceed the rates estimated by this website's software, or
  2. the Customer and Arphax Publishing Co. reach a separate agreement concerning a final shipping method and rate, irrespective of the rates estimated by this website.

In all cases, Arphax Publishing Co. has the right to void any order in cases where the actual rates charged by shippers exceed the estimated shipping rate. This has not happened since we opened our web-store in 2005 but this policy exists only as a precaution.

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