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Samples from the Family Maps Book Series

Table of Contents, Preface, & "How to Use this Book" Chapter Sanpete County, Utah
"The Big Picture Maps"
Counties in the State, Surrounding Counties, Congressional Townships, Populated Places (indexed), & Cemeteries (indexed)
Franklin County, Illinois
Surnames In the County Index
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Putnam County, Indiana
Surname/Township Index Jackson County, Missouri
Map Group
A Map Group exists for each Congressional Township in or intersecting the County); each Map Group contains a Full-Name Index for Patents mapped in the Township, a Patent Map, a Road Map, and a Historical Map (with the latter two maps containing cemeteries and populated places (ones named in the National Atlas project of the U.S. Government, at
Leake County, Mississippi
Appendices (and End-of-Book matter)
Acts of Congress Authorizing the Patents Mapped in this Book, Section Parts (Aliquot Parts), and Multi-Patentee Groups
Drew County, Arkansas
Texas Land Survey Maps Samples coming soon (and available on request)